The European Dairy Association (EDA) is not only the acknowledged voice of the European milk processing industry in Brussels, but also the benchmark for all sector specific organisations in the field of agriculture in creating a European forum for both, high level debates on the future of the European ”lactosphere” and in depth analysis of today's dairy related topics on the European agenda.

EDA is first of all the European milk processors' platform for exchange throughout all parts of Europe and across all types of dairy companies, cooperatives and privately-owned dairies, world dairy leaders and SMEs (small and medium sized enterprises). Our EDA Presidium reflects the diversity of our industry: next to our EDA President, Michel Nalet (Lactalis, FR), Ingo Müller (DMK, DE), Attilio Zanetti (Zanetti, IT), Jan Teplý (Madeta, CZ) and Kasper Thormod Nielsen (Arlafoods, DK) serve in our EDA Presidium.

A high-level dairy think tank, where today’s dairy expertise meets with the vision of tomorrow's challenges and opportunities for our dairy sector. Within EDA and our network, we collect, relay and analyse and share information. We coordinate consensual and coherent approaches by the European Dairy Industry to European institutions and international bodies, in order to help them take their decisions on an informed basis.

In our EDA Committees and Working Groups, we focus on the European dairy industry’s competitiveness and on sustainable growth. We center our energy around three pillars: securing the European milk base, uncorking the potential of the EU internal markets and making most of the growth in the world.



EDA 2020 translates into "Milk and Dairy - Essential for Your Life".

Together with our Spanish member association FeNIL, we were looking forward to welcoming the lactosphère from Europe and beyond at our EDA Annual Convention 2020 in November 2020 in Madrid.

The Corona pandemic and the impact on international travel have forced us to change from a physical gathering in Madrid to a videoconference. 

The dairy sector will hence meet in a videoconference and exchange with speakers and guests on Friday, 20 November 2020.

More information coming soon…


"Milk & Dairy - today more essential than ever"

Connect to the world of dairy !



EDA chair Michel Nalet & EDA secretary general Alexander Anton