"European Dairy in a Global Context"

The overall theme of the 2014 edition of the World Dairy Forum is ‘European Dairy in a global context’: the first session is dedicated to the expectations and needs of the European ‘dairy consumer’, and how dairy sector can position himself to satisfy the consumer’s demand in Europe and on a more global perspective. The challenges that dairy faces at global and European level are the theme of the second session, including nutritional issues,  environmental aspects and food security.‘Free trade agreements – what’s at stake for food/dairy’ will be discussed in the third sessions, to have an overview on the challenges, risks and opportunities for the European and Italian dairy and food sector linked to free trade agreements.

 The EDA World Dairy Forum took place on Friday 10 October from 10:30 to 17:45.


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10 October 2014


Benvenuti in Italia

Welcome by Assolatte President Giuseppe Ambrosi 



"The European dairy consumers - future trends

Enrico Krien, The Nielsen Company


 “Communication that shapes the dairy future”

Laurent Damiens, chairperson European Milk Forum



 “Global answers to the challenges for the dairy sector

Jeremy Hill, IDF President  


European challenges for the  food industry

 Mella Frewen, Director General FoodDrinkEurope



 Thursday 9 October 2014



14.00 – 15.00 

Elanco break-out session

Increasingly, consumers rightfully demand from dairy companies that their milk is produced in a sustainable way.

As the dairy industry want to act responsibly when producing their products, many dairy companies have committed to strict targets relating to animal welfare, antibiotic use, GHG-emissions etc. etc.

Reaching these targets is often quite a challenge.

Keeping cows in an optimal health condition can greatly contribute to producing dairy in a responsible way. Recent insights specifically show that careful management of the transition period in cows can have a significant positive impact on sustainable dairy production.

During this session, Elanco will provide insight into the link between good transition management and the sustainability of your dairy production and how this could be implemented by dairy processors.


15.00 – 16.00

Rabobank break-out session (presentation not available yet)


Rabobank: our commitment and our perspectives for the dairy

Quota removal final preparations...



1. Global short term outlook forecast for international prices out through 2015/16

2. Processing capacity available

3. Domestic consumption and trade growth

4. Competitiveness of Europe vs. Other regions

5. How will the market evolve in 5 years time

              I) farm consolidation

              II) production consolidation

              III) export orientation

              IV) recovered home markets


1. Mergers to gain market access

2. Co-op mergers


Changes in banking products and sources of Capital for achieving strategic options.


16.00 – 17.00 

Mofin Alce break-out session

The world is a-changing, the demands for quality food yet stays and even increases. Awareness of the importance of quality in food, and the great availability of information makes the request for providing quality food and every day quest to the operator in all food segments; dairy is not excluded.

How does the Made in Italy brand makes it to stay a sign of distinguished products, comprising of high quality and great, unique taste worldwide? How did Parmigiano Reggiano and Nutella made it to be considered amongst the Top Ten most influential brand in the world together with Google, Microsoft and Apple?

And, last but not least, how can this blend of culture and industry become a model?




16.00 – 17.15 

EDA break-out session

Sustainability – what is in for you?

Session chaired by Richard LAXTON, Arlafoods, chair of the EDA Sustainability WG


“Sustainable Dairy in projects and progress of EDA – a glance at the relevance for the dairy companies in Europe”
 - PEF – can we calculate and communicate on environmental footprints?
 - Bref – or how environmental policies shape the structural change or dairy processing
 - Food waste – how can we do more?
“Sustainable Soy Sourcing in Europe”Alexander Döring, FEFAC Secretary General