Dairy Focus - Estonia EU Presidency

Estonia joined the EU in 2004 and its economy has doubled in size since then. Estonia was the first of the Baltic States to become a member of the Eurozone back in 2011 and Estonia will now hold the EU Presidency for the first time during the...

Dairy Flash #10 - 2017

The Latest News from the World of Dairy...

Dairy Flash #9 - 2017

World Milk Day 2017

Nutrient-rich dairy, an affordable source of nutrition

Dairy products are nutrient-rich foods as they offer a whole range of essential nutrients, including high quality protein......


2017 EDA/Assifonte Convention

‘European Dairy: Local Roots & Global Business’

Press releases

EU Ombudsman reacts to EDA complaint letter on origin labelling

Even though the French and other national decrees on origin labelling substantially violate the provisions of EU Regulation 1169/2011, France has been authorised by the European Commission on 5th July 2016 to test a national technical regulation on...