Dairy Flash #61

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EDA position on the legal status of former foodstuffs for feed use

It is of major importance that the future guidelines of the COM on ‘former foodstuffs’ and their settlement in the overall picture of hygiene and animal health related laws do support an increased use of animal by-products from the food sector as...

Dairy Focus 01/2017

Maltese EU Presidency

Why dairy is so important for achieving a healthy sustainable diet.

Recent studies have shown that dairy products actually have a low climate impact when balanced against their nutritional importance in a healthy diet.


Mar 22

EDA Dairy Policy Conference 2017

‘Dairy - Jobs, Growth and Investment in the Common market’



Press releases

EU Ombudsman reacts to EDA complaint letter on origin labelling

Even though the French and other national decrees on origin labelling substantially violate the provisions of EU Regulation 1169/2011, France has been authorised by the European Commission on 5th July 2016 to test a national technical regulation on...

National decrees on mandatory origin labelling for milk and dairy products

The EU Commission failed to defend the core principles of the Union.