Dairy Product Environmental Footprint: What it's all about.


EDA Position Paper on Trademarks

EDA request to exclude trademarks from the draft implementing Regulation on voluntary origin labelling. EDA calls for a consistent evaluation on the relevance and proportionality of the inclusion of trademarks on the voluntary origin...

Dairy Flash 52

EDA Board meets with EU Commissioner Phil Hogan | Commissioner Hogan announces €500 million support package to farmers...

EDA position on the classification of dairy sites in the context of the BREF FDM

In the context of Food Drink and Milk BREF review, European Dairy Association (EDA) would like to clarify the key issue of the categories of activities operated in dairy installations. This issue had already been mentioned during the Kick-off...

Dairy Flash 51

The UK dairy sector is an integrate part of the European dairy chain | Dairy and Europe’s regions | EU Council in Brussels and Agricultural Council in Luxembourg...


Dec 01

2016 EDA/Assifonte Convention

1st - 3rd December 2016 | Nice (FR)



Press releases

National decrees on mandatory origin labelling for milk and dairy products

The EU Commission failed to defend the core principles of the Union.

EDA stands against the introduction of national rules on mandatory origin labelling for milk and dairy products

National laws on mandatory origin labelling for milk and dairy products: we urgently call on the EU Commission to defend the core single market principles of the Union.