2017 EDA/Assifonte Convention

‘European Dairy: Local Roots & Global Business’


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EDA Position Paper on LULUCF and the ESR-proposals for the EU 2030 climate framework

The European Dairy Association (EDA) urges the consideration of a land-use sector pillar in the ESR-proposal and for future LULUCF reforms.

EDA position on the European Commission’s draft guidelines for use of former foodstuff as feed

EDA appreciates the overall idea conveyed by the newly issued draft Commission guidelines for use of former foodstuff as feed and what appears to be its general outcome, i.e. that former foodstuffs which fall under the Animal by-products (ABP)...

Dairy Flash #1 - 2017

The Latest News from the World of Dairy...

Dairy Flash 61

Latest news from the world of dairy...

EDA position on the legal status of former foodstuffs for feed use

It is of major importance that the future guidelines of the COM on ‘former foodstuffs’ and their settlement in the overall picture of hygiene and animal health related laws do support an increased use of animal by-products from the food sector as...

Press releases

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PR EDA | Publication of COM report on Origin Labelling for milk, dairy and other meats

Origin indications are of high value to the dairy sector, but need to remain voluntary

PR EDA | Dairy Product Environmental Footprint Project

Sustainable Dairy: Dairy Product Environmental Footprint project

PR EDA | MMO 1st Anniversary

EU Dairy: enhanced market transparency – the 1st anniversary of the Milk Market Observatory (MMO)

PR EDA | End of Quota

The end of the EU Milk Quota Regime