Dairy Flash #11 - 2018

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EDA Guidelines on the principles and enforcement of the Protection of Dairy Terms

These dairy industry guidelines intend to address the use and misuse of protected definitions, designations and sales descriptions of milk and milk products within the European Single Market and to serve as a tool to facilitate their enforcement at...

EDA Sectorial guidelines for voluntary origin labelling

These dairy industry guidelines on voluntary origin labelling are part of the EDA commitment to ensure an accurate and credible labelling information to the EU consumers, and highlight specific origin links of a product, where the food...


Dairy Policy Conference 2019

‘The EU Dairy landscape 2019-2024’

Press releases

EDA stands against the introduction of national rules on mandatory origin labelling for milk and dairy products

National laws on mandatory origin labelling for milk and dairy products: we urgently call on the EU Commission to defend the core single market principles of the Union.

Joint SNE-EDA statement on Young Child Formulae

Specialised Nutrition Europe (SNE) and European Dairy Association (EDA) regret the European Commission’s lack of will to adopt specific rules for Young Child Formula

PR EDA | 14 March 2016 – Agricultural Council and the dairy situation

Strengthening the European dairy industry’s competitiveness can help overcome current difficulties and unlock new opportunities, said the European Dairy Association (EDA) this week.

PR EDA | World School Milk Day 30 September 2015

EDA commends the European Commission in its recent package, for highlighting the importance of the School Food scheme and the need for improvements.