The processed cheese industry, compared to other cheese segments, is still relatively young as this particular manufacturing technique was “only” invented about 100 years ago. However, since then it has become a vibrant and prominent pillar of the European dairy industry. The processed cheese sector has developed into a sophisticated dairy market and offers a wide range of products, from very accessible long-living spreads, to tailor-made products for the food industry and varieties of premium assortments.


The high quality of European processed cheese is guaranteed through its highly-specialised production chains and the use of only the best raw ingredients. For these reasons, as well as for its longevity, unique melting qualities and its multiple uses, either as spreads, toppings or even cooking ingredients, European processed cheese has become immensely popular, both within Europe and around the World.


ASSIFONTE represents the European processed cheese sector at large. It gives the entire sector a voice at the European level and provides a platform for industry experts to exchange new innovations and best practices with the right EU policy-makers.