Dairy: A source of high quality protein

  • Consuming dairy products as part of a healthy and balanced diet is an affordable way of contributing to fulfilling dietary requirements for protein. (7)
  • Dairy products such as milk, yoghurt and cheese are good sources of essential nutrients, including high quality proteins2
  • crucial for many bodily functions. (1)
  • Proteins from animal sources, such as dairy protein, contain all essential amino acids and are therefore, considered to be highly digestible and of high quality. (8)
  • Animal proteins, such as dairy proteins, are of a 10-30% higher biological quality than vegetable sourced proteins. (39)
  • Dairy proteins play an important role in bone health (2), muscle growth and sports nutrition. (3).
  • Dairy protein may be beneficial for weight management. (4)
  • The beneficial role of dairy protein has also been studied in the context of ageing processes (5)And non-communicable