EDA position statement on the upcoming legislative framework on green claims

EDA is in favour of a legislative framework regulating claims on the environmental performance of products in the EU and promoting the use of the PEF methodology to substantiate such claims

Dairy Flash #3 - 2023

EDA 2023 Dairy Policy Conference registration, EU-Indonesia: untapped potential in Southeast Asia, factbook on 'Dairy in a healthy and sustainable European food system', and much more!

Dairy Flash #2 - 2023

EDA 2023 Dairy Policy Conference, EU Animal Welfare Fitness Check, Green claims initiative and Dairy PEFCR, EU-Mercosur Free Trade Agreement (FTA) updates, and more!

EDA Position Paper on Front-of-pack nutrition labelling

EDA is committed to ensuring accurate, useful, and credible information to EU consumers. In doing so, EDA fully supports the consumer’s right to be fully informed of the nutritional properties of the foods they consume. In our position paper we...

Dairy Flash #1 - 2023

The first Dairy Flash of 2023 with the latest news from the world of dairy!

Press releases

European cheese and dairy - a collateral damage of an air-born fight

WTO DS316 (large civil aircraft) and retaliatory U.S. tariffs on European cheeses...

EU-Mercosur free trade agreement

Eppur si muove / Tamensi movetur !

BREXIT - A critical week ahead

"Don't spill the milk!"

Dairy association call on G20 leaders to support the WTO

Dairy Associations representing the majority of global trade in dairy products are calling on G20 Ministers to prioritise maintaining, reforming and reinvigorating the multilateral rules-based trading system.