EDA positioning on Sugar

Milk & dairy products are part of a healthy, balanced diet including those containing added sugar

EDA follows a whole food approach: we eat whole foods, not single nutrients and, as such EDA welcomes the opportunity to contribute to the discussion on sugars in the context of people’s overall diet, health and wellbeing.

  • Milk and dairy products are an important part of a healthy diet and lifestyle
  • Dairy is naturally nutrient-rich and provides many essential nutrients which contribute to good health at all stages of life
  • Dairy contains naturally present sugars such as lactose and galactose. In the discussions around sugars it is important to distinguish between naturally present and added sugars
  • In addition to their natural sugars content, some dairy products may contain added sugars. These products, though, are nutrient-rich and will make an important contribution to the diet’s nutritional adequacy
  • It is key that consumers continue to be educated on the difference between nutrient-rich and nutrient-poor products that contain added sugars
  • EDA remains committed to collaborate further on this issue with policy-makers, industry groups and stakeholders in a constructive way to help make a positive impact on overall health and accompany consumers in their aspiration to live healthier lifestyles