EDA | The European Dairy Industry fully endorses and supports animal welfare

The European manufacturers rely on healthy animals and well-kept dairy livestock

The European dairy industry processes milk and dairy ingredients in around 12,000 plants in the EU and partners with around 750,000 farmers, over an incredible range of territories. –As they are the core pillars of these economic, social and environmental realities, the animals giving the milk have long been deserving our particular care and attention. Then, the dairy industry wants to confirm that healthy cattle, as well as sheep, goats and buffaloes assure the sustainability of our sector Animal care is essential to produce safe and high quality milk, just as it is essential to assure farm productivity and profitability.

The essence of the well-being of dairy animals is followed when an animal is healthy, comfortable, well-fed and has access to safe clean drinking water, is safe, able to express normal behaviour and is not suffering unpleasant states such as pain, fear and distress. Such animal care practices include healthy living conditions, nutritious and adapted diets and good medical care.

Fact sheets on Sustainability