The second public consultation on Dairy Product Environmental Footprint pilot until 26 July

best already assure you are registered

The Technical Secretariat responsible for the development of the Product Environmental Footprint Category Rules (PEFCRs) for dairy products cordially invites you to join our pilot as a stakeholder to be informed of all the latest developments and to provide valuable feedback.

The following organisations make up the Technical Secretariat: European Dairy Association (EDA), ACTALIA, ADEME, BEL Group, CGDD (Commissariat Général au Développement durable – French Ministry of Ecology), CLS (Cooperative Laitière de la Sèvre), CNIEL/ATLA (Centre National Interprofessionnel de l’Economie Laitière/Association de la Transformation Laitière Française), Danone, DMK (Deutsches Milch Kontor), Fonterra, FrieslandCampina, IDF (International Dairy Federation), Institut français de l’élevage (IDELE), REWE Group and Quantis.

Why Participate?

The final PEFCRs developed will become the product rules used by all stakeholders in the sector that measure the performance of their products based on PEF methodology

  • Get access to all relevant information and documents (e.g., the draft PEFCR document)
  • As an official stakeholder, you can provide feedback throughout the development of the dairy PEFCRs
  • Only feedback provided through the official channel (i.e. the PEF wiki space) can be taken into account 

How to become a stakeholder for the Dairy PEFCR?

1. Create an ECAS account

a. Go to
b. Select the domain 'External'
c. Select ‘Not registered yet’ to create a new account
d. Fill out the form and click ‘Sign up’
e. You will receive an e-mail to validate your account; you have 1h30min to do so.

2. Access the wiki space

a. Go to
b. Log in with your ECAS account

3. Access the dairy pilot workspace

a. Click on 'Dairy' (in the second column of the table on the main page
b. Fill out and submit the survey at the bottom of the page
c. Access will be granted within one working day 

4. comment on the published draft Dairy PEF category rules in this workspace section

a. You will need to fill in a specific excel sheet with your comments

For more information about the EU Commission’s initiative, please see this page: Please feel free to contact the Technical Secretariat (Hélène Simonin, EDA, at hsimonin(a) or Xavier Bengoa, Quantis, at xavier.bengoa(a) should you have any questions).