• Leadership hand-over in the European Whey Processors Associa...

Leadership hand-over in the European Whey Processors Association (EWPA)

After 25 dedicated and successful years at the service in and for the European ‘lactopshère’, the deputy secretary general of EDA (European Dairy Association) and secretary general of EWPA (European Whey Processors Association), Bénédicte Masure will take her retirement and hand over the leadership of the EWPA to Alexander Anton, who has been heading the EDA for the past seven years.


“The whey sector has changed profoundly over the past years and Bénédicte was for sure one of the drivers of this change. Bénédicte leaves a huge footprint behind her: the whole dairy industry association landscape mirrors today  her attitude and performance. Not least the significant increase of the membership and the numerous projects carried over by the association reflect her elan and energy. Bénédicte has built up incredible credentials of trust with our members, within the team and in the Brussels agri-food scene. It is a real challenge to succeed her in the EWPA leadership role and to keep the strong momentum that Bénédicte created – and here the whole ‘euromilk’ (EDA & EWPA) team is fully committed”, summed up Alexander Anton.