• PR EDA | 14 March 2016 – Agricultural Council and the dairy ...

PR EDA | 14 March 2016 – Agricultural Council and the dairy situation

Strengthening the European dairy industry’s competitiveness can help overcome current difficulties and unlock new opportunities, said the European Dairy Association (EDA) this week.

Speaking ahead of the next Council of Agricultural Ministers’ meeting, EDA President Michel Nalet outlined a number of priority areas for the European dairy industry and called for productive and constructive discussions with Ministers and MEPs.

These priority areas include:
 Extending generic promotion programs for milk and dairy products;
 Focusing on exports development and opening new markets across the world;
 Recognising the nutrient-richness of dairy products and their crucial role in a healthy and balanced diet.

Mr Nalet said: “Harsh market conditions have been affecting dairy farmers and processors alike for long. Unfortunately, there is no quick fix to these problems but there are several measures which can be taken, both at European and national level, to help ease the pressure on the industry.


EDA Press Release 10 March 2016