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Dairy Flash 18 - 2022

Last edition of 2022!

Dairy Flash 17 - 2022

Special edition of our Dairy Flash with the coverage of our EDA 2022 Annual Convention in Madrid, Spain

Dairy Flash 16 - 2022

EDA 2022 Annual Convention coming up next week, EDA participation in COP27, New Zealand Special Trade Envoy on European tour, Czech EU Presidency’s Conference on Front-of-Pack Nutrition Labelling, and much more!

Dairy Flash 15 - 2022

The latest news from the world of dairy!

Dairy Flash 14 - 2022

Arla's new sustainability incentive model rewarding climate action on farms, EDA meeting with DG AGRI's Director Pierre Bascou, Front-of-pack nutrition labelling discussions, and much more!

Dairy Flash 13 - 2022

The latest news from the world of dairy!

Dairy Flash 12 - 2022

19th International Dairy Cooperatives Forum in Białystok (Poland), timely approval of the first seven CAP strategic plans, upcoming EU dairy events in Brussels, and more!

Dairy Flash 11 - 2022

U.S. agricultural information network meeting in Brussels, 97 Milk campaign, EU Agri Commissioner's mission to Vietnam and Singapore, EU School Milk Scheme Revision and more.

Dairy Flash 10 - 2022

EU-New Zealand Free Trade Agreement, Czech EU Presidency kicks off, EU Commission's Advisory Group on Sustainability of Food Systems set up, and more!