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Dairy Flash 9 - 2022

Registrations open for our EDA Annual Convention 2022 in Madrid (24-25 November), 15th Zenith Global Dairy Congress in Laval (France), EU Parliament's COMAGRI on a Ukraine mission next week, and much more!

Dairy Flash 8 - 2022

World Milk Day, DairyAustralia visit to EDA, EU agri-food seminar in South Africa, EWPA Conference, and much more!

Dairy Flash 7 - 2022

EDA mission to Washington DC, EU dairy in dialogue with New Zealand, EWPA Open Session in Adare (Ireland), and more!

U.S. and European Dairy Processors Agree to Maintain Open Communication Amid Global Food System Shocks

WASHINGTON, May 9, 2022—The Russian invasion of Ukraine has upended global food supply chains, raised prices for inputs, energy, and finished food products, and exacerbated nutrition insecurity in countries around the world. Following a meeting...

Dairy Flash 6 - 2022

The latest news from the world of dairy!

Dairy Flash #4 - 2022

Special Edition - EDA Dairy Policy Conference 2022

A holistic approach to probiotic food & food supplements in Europe - IPAEU-EDA joint statement

We call for action to build a coherent framework for probiotics in the EU.

Dairy Flash #3 - 2022

Connect to the world of dairy via our Dairy Flash!