EDA Position on a Circular Economy

The agricultural and food sector is at the centre of circular production cycles and the tradition of circular production is the daily experience in the dairy sector.

EDA Position Paper on the Revision of National Emission Ceilings (NEC) Directive

The National Emission Ceilings (NEC) directive is currently undergoing a revision, which includes setting new national emissions ceilings for ammonia in 2020 (EU28=6%) and 2030 (EU28=27%) and for methane in 2030 (EU=33%) compared to 2005.

EDA Statement to the Council of the Ministers of Agriculture of 7 September 2015

Today’s dairy market difficulties arise from weaker global demand coming on the back of a sustained period of strong global supply given the favourable production conditions in the major milk producing regions of the world. That is the reason why a...

EDA position on the EU Organic Regulation Revision Proposal

The European Dairy Association sees the Commission´s revision proposal made for the EU organic regulation with major concern. The content of the current draft would restrict the production of organic dairy products in Europe.EDA is in favour of a...

Joint EDA - IDF argumentation against British Medical Journal article

Milk intake and risk of mortality and fractures in women and men: cohort studies