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Green claims: the new EU initiative lacks further promotion of the PEF methodology

The European Dairy Association (EDA) welcomes the publication of the proposal on common criteria for validating green claims in Europe, but regrets to see that the Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) is not incentivized as the main method for...

The new CAP: a transforming policy tailored for an evolving world

After an intense and constructive journey of three and a half years, the CAP has been approved by the European Parliament.

The European Union delivers on the CAP Reform

The provisional deal on the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) will ensure a robust market-oriented future for dairy

Giuseppe Ambrosi becomes the new president of the European Dairy Association

With a wide experience in the European dairy sector, Ambrosi’s focus aims to promote and reinforce the image and reputation of milk and dairy.

France says ‘no’ to food-chauvinism

French mandatory origin labelling decree annulled by French Conseil d'État.

EDA letter on Protection of Dairy Terms

We see that amendment 171 (protection of dairy terms) has fuelled quite some debates and propelled some stakeholders to create and promote misunderstandings, while we appreciate that even those speaking out against the amendment 171 claim today that...

EU-UK future relationship: put pragmatism

The upcoming negotiation rounds on the EU-UK future relationship will determine the future of the European and UK dairy sectors.

ECJ case C-485/18

EU institutions defend Single Market against Mandatory National Origin Labelling

Leadership hand-over in the European Whey Processors Association (EWPA)

After 25 dedicated and successful years at the service in and for the European ‘lactopshère’, the deputy secretary general of EDA (European Dairy Association) and secretary general of EWPA (European Whey Processors Association), Bénédicte Masure...

The European Farm-to-Fork strategy

Milk & dairy, nutritious food and sustainable agri-food systems...

COVID19 – vital importance of functioning milk & dairy supply lines

In a letter to the competent services of the European Commission, the 27 EU Member States and the United Kingdom, EDA underlined the critical importance of keeping milk & dairy supply lines open across Europe and across borders.

The dairy industry presents its key demands for the future EU-UK relationship

The development of the European “lactosphère”, supported by opportunities offered by the EU Single Market, has been a unique success story. EDA and our member DairyUK want to build on this success.

The Dairy Sector and the EU Green Deal

The new European Commission presented the ‘European Green Deal’, the EU flagship initiative with the objective to transform Europe and shape the future of our continent and our industry.

European cheese and dairy - a collateral damage of an air-born fight

WTO DS316 (large civil aircraft) and retaliatory U.S. tariffs on European cheeses...

EU-Mercosur free trade agreement

Eppur si muove / Tamensi movetur !

BREXIT - A critical week ahead

"Don't spill the milk!"

Dairy association call on G20 leaders to support the WTO

Dairy Associations representing the majority of global trade in dairy products are calling on G20 Ministers to prioritise maintaining, reforming and reinvigorating the multilateral rules-based trading system.

"A Good Day for Dairy"

The future EU –UK Dairy Framework takes a step forward

EU Protein Strategy and the dairy sector

The European Dairy Association (EDA), the voice of the milk processing industry across Europe, has conducted, together with IFCN, a study on the EU protein balance sheet for dairy to complete the official ‘EU Protein Balance Sheet (PBS)’, in the...

BREXIT: Don’t spill the Milk

...A completely new dimension of a milk crisis

EDA publishes its new Guidelines for the Protection of Dairy Terms

Following the publication of the sectorial Guidelines for the voluntary indication of the origin of dairy products, the European Dairy Association (EDA) is proud to issue today its new sectorial Guidelines on the principles and enforcement of the...

New EU Dairy guidelines on Voluntary Origin Labelling released

The European Dairy Association (EDA) is proud to issue today its sectorial Guidelines for the voluntary indication of the origin of dairy products.

EDA regrets the direction taken by the European Parliament Committee on Agriculture in today’s vote on MEP Herbert Dorfmann’s report.

The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) measures are of great importance to the functioning of our dairy chain and hence for the whole dairy industry, the most important agricultural sector in Europe, present in all EU Member States. EDA regrets the...

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